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The firm SR Attorneys is a dynamic, fledgling law firm. The firm opened its doors to the public in 2013 when the founder, Lezanne Supra Reynecke, decided to amalgamate her 10 years of legal experience with an irrepressible drive for success.

Our Services

Family Law

Family law is a personal and sensitive area that we approach with the utmost professionalism. We assist our clients in the enforcement and protection of their rights in familial and personal relations.

This includes:

Matrimonial property rights, divorce laws and procedures, and mediation, children’s rights, domestic violence, maintenance and support.

Contracting & Commercial

Contracts regulate almost each and every aspect of our daily commercial activity. We offer skill and expertise in the drafting, negotiating and settling of agreements in accordance with the needs and specific requirements of our individual clients.

The plethora of agreements our services relate to but is not limited to:

General commercial contracts, lease agreements, credit agreements, employment contracts etc.

Debt Collection

Debt collection is a specialised field requiring compliance with credit and consumer laws. Our team is able to provide the necessary expert advice to clients and structure debt collection procedures. to effectively and compliantly collect

We effectively and compliantly collect: 

Arrear debts - both as soft collections and collection by way of defended action procedure.

Property & Conveyancing

The right to own and transfer immovable property remains an integral part of our legal system, and greatly impacts upon personal and financial planning. There are a plethora of regulatory laws and continuing legislative changes impacting on planning, development, land use, transfers etc. It is therefore a highly specialised field in our legal system which requires strict compliance.

Our services include legislative and regulatory advise of:

Deeds of Sale, Property transfers and registration, Property valuation, Registration and cancellation of bonds, Drafting and registration of Certificates of Registered Title, Certificates of Consolidated Title, Deeds office searches, Property consolidations and subdivisions, General services related to sectional title schemes.

Labour Law

Employment and other labour relation laws and procedures in South Africa have become an increasingly complex and dynamic field in our legal system.

We offer skilled and professional services including, but not limited to:

CCMA and Labour Court representation, Employment Equity, Occupational Health and Safety, Dismissal and incapacity, Employment Contracts, Recruitment and Selection.


It is trite that litigation often involves high legal costs and leaves one party victorious and the other defeated. We, therefore, take the stance in every matter to attempt resolving a matter by way of a settlement resulting in a fair result for both parties.

As reality often dictates, however, litigation is unavoidable. We offer skilled and professional services by meticulously considering the merits of each and every matter in order to bring it to finality in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Our services include:

Legal opinions on merits, General litigation, Contract litigation, Motor vehicle accidents, Litigation resulting from debt collection, General and urgent applications.

Wills & Estates

Estate planning is vitally important for securing the future well-being of an individual and a family. Fiduciary services in respect of family trusts and deceased estates assist in providing financial security to dependants and family members after death. Our services include:

Our services include:

Drafting of wills, Administration of deceased estates, Formation of trusts, Deceased estate property transfers etc.

Notarial Services

Only an attorney admitted to practice as a Notary Public may provide these type of services.

Our services include the drafting, execution and registration at the Deeds Office of:

Antenuptial Contracts, Notarial Bonds, Notarial Deeds of Servitude, Exclusive Use Areas, Long-term leases.

Criminal Law

Criminal procedure encompasses the entire process that starts when a person who is suspected of having committed an offence or has become involved in a criminal process of whatsoever nature approach us, to the acquittal of the accused of such offence.

Assistance may range from a legal opinion on:

Criminal proceedings, bail applications, representation during a criminal trial, to initiate an appeal etc.

We also provide our clients with after-hours bail assistance.

The focal points of the firm lies in Business Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Family Law and Labour related matters, as the firm continues to expand into a broad array of other legal avenues.

Legal News

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Poor Performance or Misconduct

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